Second Sight

Overview - Loss Management Analytics

‘What gets measured get’s done’ has never been truer than when applied to the art and science of Loss Management.

If a businesses Loss Management MIS does not focus on the key variables then it may well make inappropriate decisions which will ultimately impact the bottom line. For example during times of recession ‘Cash’ may well be more important than ‘Volume’ and therefore a more significant measure may be ‘Write Offs v Revenue’.

If a business is unable to recognise fraud then it will manage these losses as if they were Credit Losses and in turn risk losing an additional shed load of money.

Second Sight have a proven history in the development of informative and easy to understand MIS to help make better decisions.

The Forensic Accounting capability based on Second Sight's synthesis of 6 Sigma Analytics and Fraud Investigation expertise, provides an unparalleled ability to drill down and look within a product portfolio and identify loss and fraud trends and most importantly, the key drivers which more traditional analysis will miss..

Customer Endorsement (Selvanderan-Senior Fraud & Risk Manager, Financial Services, Asia)

Not sure if anyone told you this, but you made the difference in dealing with other functions. They always walked away with lot of respect after seeing your analysis and the level of thoroughness that came out from your work. When someone has put in that level of effort, provided a high degree of sophistication like you did, it only makes sense to follow through quickly. It gave an attractive gloss that many took for granted.