Second Sight

Overview – Data Security

Repeatedly, financial services companies, banks, retailers , institutions and other industries around the world are being seriously wounded due to data theft / data loss risks they were not managing or alert to. Examples such as the £980 000 fine for the Nationwide Building Society single lap top theft or the $10 Million fine by the USA Federal Trade Commission of ‘Choice Point’ for the loss of 145000 Customer Records.

Clearly the loss of Restricted or Confidential data can have cataclysmic consequence be it through accidental loss or deliberate theft.

Second Sight can conduct a Data Leakage threat assessment and provide you with a measure of your resilience as well as help prioritize and project manage remedial efforts required to address failure points.

Options For Stealing & Losing Customer Data

So Many Risk Opportunities

Information Security ... A High Priority

A Multi Dimensional Threat That Must Be Managed