Second Sight

Fraud & Loss Management

What 2nd Sight can do for you

Sustainable Solutions In Five Key Areas of Credit & Operational Risk

Developed and proven in one of the world's most demanding and dynamic international financial services companies, Second Sight provide a unique fusion of 6 Sigma Professionalism, Fraud Investigation Expertise, Engineering & Operations Discipline with sound Business Acumen.

Specialist in identifying, quantifying and subsequently reducing avoidable credit and data losses as well as previously undetected fraud.

Through guiding process changes within the client organisation Second Sight will be focussed on preventing reoccurrence of the issues and failure points identified and so deliver a positive Return on Investment.

A Holistic Approach To Loss Management

A holistic approach to Loss Management predicated on the reality that loss (Money, Data, Other Assets, Reputation) occurs accidentally* or due to theft or deliberate exploitation of the various design components of any business.

*Most accidents can be traced back to design flaws.

Identifying and fixing what is broken is always a critical feature of any assignment we undertake to ensure that tomorrow looks different to yesterday.