Second Sight

Organisational Change

Change is natural. As we evolve and embrace news ideas and concepts, react to challenges or as we reflect on our environment and then innovate new or alternative ways of doing or being…we are evolving or changing. Some may even call it ‘growing’.

Managing Change is about developing in ourselves and others the necessary skills and knowledge that enable us to influence those factors and events around us that will be intrinsically linked to achieving our new goals and aspirations.

Within any organisation, leaders have the opportunity to harness the energy of such collective thinking and channel it in a positive direction i.e. to address a problem or to grasp an opportunity.

Within the organisation the leaders also have the duty of care to approach the journey with the highest level of consideration for the well being of those people they have responsibility for.

Managing Accelerated Change requires; the identification of change leaders; the introduction of accountable work stream project management and the adoption of an integrated and accountable model of transition.