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Accelerated Change Management requires; the identification of change leaders; the introduction of accountable work stream project management and the adoption of an integrated and accountable model of transition such as described below.

With many years’ experience across multiple business sectors, Second Sight Support Services Ltd are well positioned to provide the necessary workforce training, project management support and leadership coaching to support organisational change. An early consideration on any proposed change programme should be conducting ‘as is’ diagnostics.

A Change Management baselining assessment tool is provided complementary here for this purpose.

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Baseline assessment chart

What is your Baseline?

This Second Sight Support Maturity Matrix is provided to help you understand potentially where your strengths and biggest areas of concern may be on your journey of change

Accelerated Change Management: Transition Characteristics

Leadership Focus

  • Philosophy / Cultural Ambition
  • Behaviours congruent with the vision
  • Role Clarity and Accountability

Mobilising Commitment

  • Know who the stakeholders are and their drivers and causes for resistance
  • Design Stakeholder /entity specific Communication programmes
  • Showing Empathy
  • Getting people to do things because they ‘choose to’ not because they ‘have to’
  • Involvement

Vision Clarity

  • What will it feel like when we are there?
  • How will I know when we are there?
  • Clear, behavioural and actionable

Systems & Structures

  • What existing systems and structures support the vision? … Keep these
  • What existing systems and structures do not support the vision?... Change these where possible or minimise negative impact.

Symbols & Artefacts

  • How does the physical environment impact people at a practical, intellectual and emotional level?

Making It Stick

  • Scope the project well
  • Execute the project professionally
  • Support individuals through transition i.e. practicing new routines, skills & behaviours
  • Measure-Review-Learn-Adapt

Continuous Improvement Strategies

Deploy proven Continuous Improvement tools & techniques in order to;
  • Improve the individual
  • Improve the process
  • Improve the business
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Measuring Progress

  • Identify the Vital few as opposed to the trivial many measures
  • Measure the right things and measure them well
  • Track definitive Accelerated Change Project work streams